Offer Generator™ inside Advanced Virtual Wholesaling

We're including the Offer Generator™ Lite version inside Advanced Virtual Wholesaling For Cash Flow! You can enter deal data, generate multiple offer scenarios, and download simple contracts and assignment forms with this powerful Lite version included in our resources!

The video above show the Offer Generator™ inside REIWebTools™. The Lite version we are including in Advanced Virtual Wholesaling For Cash Flow does everything including the following:
  • Control Seller Motivation
  • Control End Buyer Profit Margin
  • Control and Protect your Minimum Assignment Fee
  • Control repairs and closings costs to back out of the final offer!
  • Control extra money left in your deal so you can fatten your assignment fee!
  • Embedded Videos discussing the multiple offer scenarios
  • RED, GREEN, YELLOW alerts output per offer!
  • Print summary of all offers or just individual offers
  • Output simple contract and download with price and terms filled in
  • Output and download assignment fee contract
  • ..and much more!

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